Lionel Messi leads Argentina in Finalissima to overtake stunning Italy |  sports

Lionel Messi leads Argentina in Finalissima to overtake stunning Italy | sports

videoUnder the occasional Lionel Messi, European champions Argentina have not been affected, with 37-year-old defender Giorgio Chiellini playing his last international match. The score was 3-0 at Wembley for the Copa America winner. Top scorers were Lautaro Martinez, Nigel Di Maria and Paulo Dybala.

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UEFA and CONMEBOL decided to stage a major final between the two tournament teams in September last year, shortly after the two federations strongly opposed FIFA’s plans to hold the World Cup every two years instead of once every four. Years.

Lionel Messi starred in London. The 35-year-old playmaker, apparently freed from PSG’s yoke, Lautaro Martinez managed to score from close range after half an hour of play, with a low cross from the left.

In the injury time of the first half, Martinez was the manager. After a long kick from goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, the Inter Milan player took possession of the ball well and with an excellent acceleration and cross pass, Angel Di Maria made it possible to score. Di Maria put the ball in the goal.

Italy, who missed the World Cup in Qatar in November, was unable to restore tension after the break. Substitute Paulo Dybala scored Argentina’s third goal in stoppage time. Ajax’s Nicolas Tagliafico had a starting place with the Argentines, and Feyenoord’s Marcos Senesi, who could have made his debut, wasn’t a match pick.

It was a great final, with a lot of Argentines in the stands. “A great experience,” Messi said. The former striker won almost all the awards that he could win with FC Barcelona, ​​but for a long time he remained without the main award in the service of the Argentine national team. The striker won the gold medal with the Olympic team in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, but things always went wrong for Messi and Argentina in the major football tournaments. After losing the 2014 World Cup final and runner-up three times in the Copa America, Messi finally became the South American champion with his country last year.

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After that, the captain was lifted by his partisan colleagues and thrown into the air several times. “It was a great test, because Italy has a great team,” said the 10th seed, who is looking forward to the Qatar World Cup at the end of this year. “We are not afraid of anyone and want to compete against everyone.”

According to Angel Di Maria, who scored the second goal, winning the Copa America was a liberation for the Argentines. He lifted a weight off our shoulders. everything changed. We play with pleasure and everything becomes easier with us now.”

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Check out all the goals in the live blog below!

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