Linda Hackeboom gets 'light chemotherapy' for six months |  stars

Linda Hackeboom gets ‘light chemotherapy’ for six months | stars

“I’m having a bit of a weird day,” Linda says on her Instagram Stories. “I’ll be back in the hospital in a minute, after not being there for a very long time. I’ve been kind of ‘cancer-free’ for four weeks. And that feels really good too.”

Unfortunately, Linda has less positive news to report next, which she feels is “frustrating” for her. “I’m going back to chemotherapy. For six months. So that’s a very difficult prospect when you feel better again. I have a bit of an interest in it. I’ll be honest too. But on the other hand, it has to happen. We’ll just do it and see how I feel.”

Linda stresses that the cancer is no longer. “I am getting this chemotherapy because there is always a chance that there is a malignant cell somewhere in my body. Because some malignant bastards were found during the operation, we have to assume that anyway.” The documentary maker is given a milder form of chemotherapy. “They also call it ‘light chemotherapy,’ it doesn’t go with an IV, but with pills you can take at home.”

It is impossible to predict how this treatment will turn out. “Anyway, there are side effects again and that is exciting. (…) You sit on the train and see where the journey takes you. The hospital will be watching me closely for the foreseeable future!”

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