Linda de Mol doubts whether she wants to continue working in the media |  backbite

Linda de Mol doubts whether she wants to continue working in the media | backbite

Linda de Mol isn’t sure if she wants to continue working in the media. The TV presenter is having difficulty “breaking through” after revelations of abusive behavior by her ex-husband Jeroen Reitbergen in the the sound.

“My love for the world in which I work, the media, has also taken a hit, so I don’t know if I want to continue to be a part of it,” de Mol wrote in her magazine editorial. in the new Linda. She stated that 2022 was “more crash than shit”.

Her breakup with Rietbergen was the main reason, as she had never experienced such grief before. Her waning love for the media profession is second only to De Mol. In 2022, you will be relentlessly hacked, you say. “And it doesn’t even matter if you made mistakes or if your partner did.”

De Mol says 2022 hasn’t just been a bumpy year. She also says she learned a lot. She has learned who her true friends are, that she is kinder to others when she works less and has less stress, and that fame and success are “empty shells”.

Its slogan for 2023 is “The only way is upBut she still has to see how it will shape her. De Mol says she has a lot to discover in her work and love life. She’s 58 and has been on TV for about forty years, considering what people think of her. “And so I start 2023 with a very complicated search for what makes me happy again.”

De Mol decided not to complain about the media anymore. But she won’t explain it either. The announcer says she owes no one this. “By the time I really get out, you’ll be the first in here to hear it.”

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