Linda de Mol apologizes: ‘Those were indiscreet remarks’ | Displays

“Just for the record, if I had to make a list of ‘hot topics,’ Transition still definitely isn’t one of them, but I sincerely regret that by obliterating this thoughtless comment, I may have pushed the subject into a corner of taboo. Where it certainly doesn’t belong,” writes Dee. Mall in the opening of the April issue of the magazine Lindaand its theme is “Infernal Hormones”.

According to De Mol, the topic of menopause “fortunately” is increasingly coming out of taboo, but that doesn’t apply to hormone therapy. The presenter herself also suffers from hormonal complaints. It started after I stopped taking the pill. No sweaty spells, but weird heart palpitations and no night I can sleep uninterrupted for about six hours. And bladder infections, hair loss and chronic fatigue,’ she summarizes her complaints.

Thanks to the estrogen gel with progesterone, most of the discomforts are gone. “I feel so good, I sleep so much better because of the progesterone (although there are conditions that unfortunately still prevent me from sleeping) and my hair, skin, bladder, and heart are purring, peeing, and beating like normal,” she says.

Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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