Limburgian sings to an audience of millions of German Idols |  1 Limburg

Limburgian sings to an audience of millions of German Idols | 1 Limburg

Vimki Philippens (21 years old) will soon make her singing debut on German TV. Simpelveldse participates in Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German version of idols.

That regional broadcaster reports POS.

private pictures
In the first episodes, ten castings are made, in which the participants can show their best side. She can’t say if the singer made it to the audition round. However, RTL asked her for video images of her private life, as she excitedly tells Bie Os.

Traditionally, the program pays more attention to outstanding candidates. This could also be the case with Philippens. “It could mean that they think it’s too good or too bad,” the singer says.

Vimki releases songs in Limburg under its stage name FEM, mostly in mainland regions. In addition, she also works with a German-language music group, which means that she participates in Germany is looking for the star Seems like a logical move.

Listen to one of her German songs here:

In any case, this is not the first time that Simpelveldse has participated in a singing competition. She participated in LVK Festival, Kinjer Vastelaovend Leedjesfestival and Teen Vastelaovend Konkoer under the stage name Femke Falderaa.

3.2 million viewers
There will be few eyes on Simpelveldse: The show’s final season attracted an average of 3.2 million viewers per broadcast.

On the jury of the nineteenth season of Germany is looking for the star Florian Silberisen, Els Delange, and Toby Gad. The search for the new German star begins on January 22 and will be broadcast by RTL Germany.

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