'Lillipet's baptism has not yet been established'

‘Lillipet’s baptism has not yet been established’

Harry and Meghan: Lillipet's baptism hasn't been fixed yet

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Harry and Meghan: Lillipet’s baptism hasn’t been fixed yet

A Sussex spokesperson said: “So far all the rumours.”

Much has been said and written about the baptism of Lillibit Diana, daughter of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Will you get one? Royal Baptism in Windsor? Or was there already a small party in California? A Sussex spokesperson is not interested in all the speculation.

Windsor California

from insiders Those who publish information about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their families, have been contradicting regularly in recent times. One claims that Sussex is betting on a royal christening in Windsor, England, while the other claims that Leila He will be baptized into the Episcopal Church in California. English newspaper telegraph The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have asked for clarification and have received a response from their spokesperson.


“The plans are not finished yet,” the spokesman said. Any claims that there is actually a script ready in Windsor or Los Angeles are “pure speculation”. It seems like a tough decision for Harry and Meghan. Their new life is in the United States, but if Harry wants his family to be at the christening, they would rather choose Windsor. In addition, Lili does not automatically belong to Church of EnglandThe church where all the British are the Royal family When baptized outside the UK. But what if Harry and Meghan are after them Exit He can still knock With the family for a royal tradition?

Family photo after Archie's baptism, 2019. Photo: BrunoPress

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Family photo after Archie’s baptism, 2019. Photo: BrunoPress

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So Lily’s baptism will remain shrouded in mystery for now – just like the baptisms of her grandchildren and niece. The Queen welcomed three more grandchildren this year in addition to Lillipet of the same name: Lucas Tindall, August Brooksbank and Sienna Mapelli Mozzi. It is not yet known when they will all be adopted, or whether they may actually be.

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