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LG has placed information online about which phones will receive OS upgrades. Velvet and The Wing are the only phones that will receive an upgrade to Android 13. This operating system will not be released until 2022.

There is nothing wrong on the site About South Korean models, but it is clear that the Android versions released for phones in the country of origin will also be on European models. According to the information, the V40 ThinQ and G7 ThinQ will not be upgraded to Android 11. The G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ will both get Android 11 and Android 12. There is no G8X on the list, but it is called V50s ThinQ in South Korea.

Android 11 was released last year, and Google’s Android 12 is slated to launch at the end of the summer. Google has yet to announce Android 13, but this will likely happen next year. It is not known when the LG smartphone upgrades will come.

LG said last week The most recent high-end models will receive three years of OS upgrades. Perhaps the promise is an attempt to convince interested parties to buy another LG phone. LG announced on Monday It will stop making phones. The mobile branch has Phones were produced for nearly twenty years.

Android 11 Android 12 Android 13
G series G8, G8X presumably G8, G8X presumably
V series. V50 V50
Aharon Velvet, wing Velvet, wing Velvet, wing

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