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LG introduced its first bendable OLED TV, the LG Flex, at IFA in Berlin. It is an OLED TV with a screen diagonal of 42 inches, the curvature of which can be adjusted to the user’s preference via a button and manually.

Can LG Flex with model name LX3 According to the manufacturer From perfectly straight to 900R bent. This is equal to the curvature of a circle with a radius of 0.9 metres. This is a big curvature. Many gaming monitors have a curvature of no more than 1000R, which is a curvature of a radius of one meter.

This bending can be achieved in two ways. Users can use a dedicated button on the remote control to choose from two preset bending modes, which are then automatically actuated by a motor. It is unclear if there is more here presets Can add and whether the two preset modes can be modified. In addition, it is possible to manually adjust the degree of curvature in 5 percent steps. Thus, it is possible to have 20 different levels of curvature.

LG doesn’t reveal the OLED TV this model is based on, but the LX3 looks a lot like a bendable version of the 42-inch C2 OLED TV. Several specs match, such as 4K resolution, support for Dolby Vision at 4k120, support for HDMI 2.1 and associated features. , the current A9 Gen 5 processor and EVO board for relatively higher brightness.

There are also the necessary distractions that should primarily contribute to using the LX3 as a monitor. For example, there are two forward-facing speakers with a power of 40 watts and a coating that partially blocks reflections. In addition to adjusting the tilt, the screen can also be partially tilted and its height adjusted. DisplayPort connections are missing.

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There will also be an option later this year to adjust the image size on the TV, something LG sees for example in certain types of games such as RTS or shooters, where players may have a 32 or 27 format. There is also a Multi View mode. , where users can watch content from two different sources and choose which source to hear the audio from. So you can play a game and watch a video stream at the same time.

LG has not yet provided pricing information. It’s also unclear when exactly the LX3 will be released and whether it will remain in the 42-inch format for now, or whether this bendable concept will also find its way to other LG Display OLED TV formats.

earlier Show pirate Indeed, a 45-inch screen that users can bend themselves to. This screen also has a panel from the LG screen, although the aspect ratio is not 16:9, but 21:9. The resolution is also 3440 x 1440 pixels and not 4K as with the Corsair LX3 The screen also has a higher refresh rate Significantly in the form of 240 Hz.

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