Lewis Hamilton is pleased with the popularity of F1 in the United States

Lewis Hamilton is pleased with the popularity of F1 in the United States

Lewis Hamilton is one of the many drivers who are happy that Formula 1 is finally gaining popularity among the American people. With the Miami Grand Prix and next season’s Grand Prix set to take place in Las Vegas, Formula 1 seems to have ‘cracked’ seven-time world champion America. So he is looking forward to racing in the US this weekend.

Hamilton says he grew up with Formula 1 and has always known how awesome the game is. He also looked at the distance between Formula 1 and the United States, while the country embraced IndyCar and NASCAR. He says there are a lot of sports fans, so I look forward to the fans attending the race in Miami. “It’s going to be a great experience for everyone. We have drivers, race fans who attend racing and home viewers and fans who fly to Miami to watch the race and those who do not.” Hamilton ..


Hamilton has traveled to the United States to advertise the upcoming race in Miami and to put Formula 1 on the map a little more. Not only a seven-time world champion, he used Formula 1 to promote the game a little more. Daniel Ricciardo went to talk to Trevor Nova about his season earlier this week and did his infamous ‘shoe’ with the talk show host.

Hamilton joined Good Morning America Talk about sports and the diversity of F1. He acknowledged that the game had become popular, especially during epidemics, through the Netflix show Drive to Survive. The addition of Grand Prix to next season in Miami and Las Vegas is something American fans and drivers have been waiting for and puts the game better on the map. “America has a lot to offer us,” Hamilton said.

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