Lemon opens a cross-border hub for the US

Lemon opens a cross-border hub for the US

The center now serves an airline, a facility services company and a technology company on a permanent basis.

Gijsbregt Vijn, Managing Director Lemon Scented Tea: ‘These companies tend to think in terms of silos. But the story of what a brand stands for, from employee engagement to customer experience to marketing, must be a whole life. When all three complement each other harmoniously, you have a recipe for long-term growth. In many organizations in the US and here in Europe, we see very little focus on this. With a central story, Lemon is able to create those memorable moments throughout the journey: from EX to CX.’

Creative director Tim den Dam: ‘Communication with employees is still often instrumental. It’s no wonder that employees, especially in large organizations, often think of themselves as an interchangeable tool. If you don’t feel valued, it’s very difficult to give praise. This is precisely what is needed to improve the customer experience.’

The cross-border center is a combination of experts from the US and the Netherlands. According to Vijn, the team in the US focuses ‘specifically on strategy, relationship management, project management and local production of content and campaigns’. Creative strategy and development is controlled from the Netherlands, complemented by international creative experts. The team in the Netherlands has a permanent core of Lemon in addition to partners in employee engagement, CX strategy, development and design.

Vijn: ‘We always have a holistic view of brand development. Of course due to digitization everything is becoming more and more transparent, inside is outside and outside is inside. By adding this cross-border hub to the Lemon community, we can now make a difference for customers.’

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