Leila Taheri’s designs cover sportswear for all women

Leila Taheri’s designs cover sportswear for all women

It seems very clear. As a brand, you design a nice comfy long john that will cover your body during any workout. But drLeila Taheri, 25, from Amsterdam knows how hard it can be to find this kind of sportswear. After years of struggle, I felt it was time for a change. She started her own sportswear cover brand. She wants all women to be able to exercise without clothes holding them back.

Lily is determined. her job jerk off It will be very big. If there’s one annoying thing, it’s the headscarf that falls during exercise. Or getting ‘too hot’ from all the layers of clothing you’re wearing. She is a taekwondo fanatic and says she would often walk sadly to the locker room to put her headscarf on during class. “I was wearing scarves and they were falling off all the time.”

She also had a hard time finding the right clothes for the gym. “I wear 100 layers on top of each other just to cover my body and even sometimes you see too much.” She explains that this deprives many women of the pleasure of exercising. “You just don’t feel like it anymore. It’s so hard to get ready to exercise every time.

She took these struggles for granted, as sports are too much of a passion for her to give up. but through her Instagram account You get a lot of messages from girls who have lost motivation because they can hardly find covered gym clothes. And she totally understands that.

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Inspiring women to exercise

Finding beautiful and cool sportswear is also often one of the top online searches for Leila. Through her Instagram account, she reaches nearly 400 thousand women. She regularly posts videos of herself exercising and often gets feedback on that. The women ask where she bought her gym clothes and say that Layla inspires them to play sports because she helps them finally find the right gym clothes. But she has to disappoint them regularly. The clothes I wear often come from a temporary collection and are no longer available.

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Own brand covered with sportswear

What Laila was looking for was a simple long-sleeved T-shirt that she could pair with other outfits. Thus began her actual clothing brand. “Dressing and sporting should be a go-to thing,” she says. “You should be able to get something out of your closet that you know fits well, feels good and you don’t have to think about it.” And by the way, not only does she design clothes for Muslim women, but she also hears many stories of women who don’t feel comfortable wearing tight T-shirts and athletic leggings.

I hope that in the future women will have as much opportunity to shop for beautiful sportswear cover-up clothes as they do now with “normal wear”.

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