Lego Horizon Zero Dawn Won’t Come to Xbox ‘Due to Hardware Limitations’

Lego Horizon Zero Dawn Won’t Come to Xbox ‘Due to Hardware Limitations’

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon franchise is a unique event; it’s the first time a first-party PlayStation title has made it to a competing platform, the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately for Xbox users, they’re missing out on this one.

in Interview James Windler, narrative director at Guerrilla Games, explains that the Nintendo Switch invasion is due to Sony’s desire to bring the Horizon franchise “to a much broader audience, including family-friendly audiences and younger audiences.” Not only that, but it’s also the first time Sony has released a Lego game.

The conversation also asks why the game is coming to Nintendo’s console, and not Xbox. “Right now, we’re just focused on pushing the limits of the hardware and making it look as great as possible on those devices,” Windeler says. “And as you know, we don’t have anything to announce on Xbox right now.”

Hardware limitations? Yeah, right. De Wacht thinks you understand that Sony simply prefers not to bring its games to its direct competitor. In terms of graphical power, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are close to each other.

Lego Horizon Adventures was revealed during the Summer Games Festival. The game gives Horizon Zero Dawn’s story a LEGO sauce. You can play the game solo or with two people in co-op. The game will be released this fall on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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