Leading actress West Side Story not invited to the Oscars |  Displays

Leading actress West Side Story not invited to the Oscars | Displays

West Side Story may be nominated for at least seven Oscars next week, and lead actress Rachel Ziegler has not been invited to the ceremony. The actress announced that Sunday in response to a comment from a fan.

Ziegler posted a photo gallery on Instagram of several of the dresses she wore at this year’s awards show. One fan commented that she was looking forward to dressing her up at the Oscars. The artist replied: “I am not invited, it will be my boyfriend’s sweatpants and T-shirt.”

As fans reacted to be stunned, she explained, “I’ve tried everything but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’m going to cheer West Side Story off the couch and be proud of the work we did so tirelessly three years ago. I hope there’s another last-minute miracle and I can come to the celebration.” ‘But hey, that’s how it is sometimes. Thanks for all the shock and outrage, I’ve been disappointed too but it’s okay.”

The story was picked up by many media outlets. So Ziegler responded again, this time on Twitter. “Lord people! I appreciate all the support, I really appreciate it. We are living in such an unprecedented time and a lot is happening behind the scenes to achieve ‘movie magic’. This goes for film productions (like the one I’m working on right now in London) and award shows. So. Let’s respect this process, I’m going to take out my phone now.”

Ziegler, who plays Maria in the remake of West Side Story, was not nominated for the same Academy Award. The film won Academy Awards for Best Director (Steven Spielberg), Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress (Ariana DeBose), Best Cinematography, Best Costume, Best Production Design, and Best Sound.

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