LC comments on how a farmer from Buckwein went viral to America

LC comments on how a farmer from Buckwein went viral to America

Even overseas, there was a stir this week over the fate of a subsistence cattle farmer from Buckwein. But nothing could be read about it in the Frisian newspaper columns.

‘Farmer forced to pull out after 90 years of tough EU environmental measures’, Headline British tabloid Daily Express Monday above online story.

‘Heartbreaking news from a Dutch farmer. Our government is destroying lives’ Judged Advertiser and opinion maker Eva Vlaardingerbroek on Twitter a day earlier in English.

‘You’re next’

‘People have gone absolutely mad’ replied Russian UN Ambassador Dmitry Bolzhansky is next. “It’s Next Time” warned Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson. “And by ‘you’ I mean anyone reading this.”

The tumult began with the hearty cry of the Frisian peasant. ‘The cows were milked last night’, wrote On Facebook last Friday, it was supplemented with a video of the lights-out ball parlour. Definitely.

A tenacious story, even if all is not well. Among other things, he said the company should be terminated because it was considered one of Friesland’s ‘highest tax payers’. But the so-called peak loaders based on nitrogen are not known at present.

‘Destiny of Ruin’

The news became even more suspicious after the intervention of Twitter user Peterdutch63. It took parts of the original Cry of the Heart About actually He looks like the Frisian farmer in question.

At best it was a unique style, but after Eva Vlaardingerbroek spread the word further in a tweet that eventually garnered more than 6 million views, even a journalist from an American business magazine kicked in. Forbes It contains

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Will American farmers and consumers soon suffer the same disastrous fate? wrote After they quote ‘Dutch farmer’ Peterdutch63. Quietly disappeared After the quote from the site.

‘Multiple Factors’

Journalists for the research site are Tice Joosten and John Dalter Follow the money done A short reality check Cut on Twitter from misinformation on social media, but Vlaardingerbroek Not impressed . “The point stands.”

At the farm, the phone was no longer answered, although an email received a quick response. “It’s a little more nuanced than the Facebook item.” And: ‘It is set in passion.’

Meanwhile, the company continues organic farming and growing fruit, although it is ending with dairy cows. ‘Slightly sour’. But: ‘Ultimately, a number of factors made this a good move for our company.’

Interviews were not an option after the overseas social media storm. “We do not need to comment further on this.” So the story of the farmer from Buckwein, who everyone loved, was out of the Frisian newspaper columns.

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