Hoefdraad wil wet aanpassen zodat hij niet meer aangeklaagd kan worden

Lawyer Hovdrad: ‘There is no confirmation that Interpol said it was a matter of political persecution’

Gilmore Hovdrad, former Minister of Finance of Suriname.

The lawyer for convicted and fugitive former minister Gilmore Hovdrad, Morwin Dubois, responded Wednesday to a report that Interpol had decided not to honor the Hovdrad investigation.

Dubois had filed a lawsuit through his colleagues in America against a request by the Suriname police to put Hovdrad on the Interpol search list. According to the lawyer, the decision was taken by Interpol not to carry out the request based on the registered objection.

This decision was taken by Interpol Because it would be political persecution of HovvradDubois cannot confirm, as the Surinamese Times of Suriname prominently reported on its front page on Wednesday. He tells ABC In this statement from the newspaper:

I am equally careful with the wording used in the newspaper article, as it has not been confirmed by my colleagues. My colleagues only confirmed that Interpol did not honor the request. The reason for this has not been confirmed by colleagues. That is why I am careful to assert that INTERPOL said it was political persecutionDubois said.

In a letter from the General Secretariat of the International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL, it was stated that the organization stated that Hovrad is not subject to a notification or publication from INTERPOL. Surinamese Minister of Justice and Police Kenneth Amoksi confirmed on Wednesday that he had received a letter from Interpol about the Hovdrad case.

The minister indicated that the letter still needed to be studied and that the authorities in Suriname would investigate what steps could be taken against it.

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