Launching Digital Competency Centers

Launching Digital Competency Centers

The NWO regularly awards grants for research projects in various disciplines. In the medical sector, for example, there have recently been grants for innovative cancer research and human-oriented AI research and grants under the so-called NWO Perspective Programs. The creation of the three “widespread” digital competency centers (DCCs) that have been launched are more general in nature.

Promoting interdisciplinary (health) research

These centers, of course, enhance the infrastructure for data-intensive research related to health, among other things, because the three domains LSH, NES, and SSH are grouped together. In terms of structure, this is similar to the National Roadmap for Extensive Scientific Infrastructure.

Emerging Digital Competence Centers

Network Coordinators who can now be hired with available funds will ensure that thematic DCCs are actually started. Experts in the field are brought together, encourage cooperation and start implementing projects based on plans road maps. The coordinators are located in DANS (SSH), DTL Health-RI (LSH), and 4TU.ResearchData (NES) and are overseen by boards of directors with broad representation from the field.

Scientists across their borders

Thematic DCCs will provide support to researchers who will work together on field-specific projects across the boundaries of their institution. They will work closely with 22 Local DCCsthat provide support to researchers within a particular institution. In 2020, these local centers are awarded NWO. Thematic DCCs will tangibly improve domain-specific digital research efficiencies. It is especially important to create, make available, and reuse data and software. The scholarship is for five years and can be extended for another five years. The first evaluation of the three CCDCs will follow in two years.

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