Welkom in Washington - Laila Frank

Laila Frank on Podcast ‘Welcomes to Washington’ Around the United States

Journalist looking for news about change in the United States

On the new BNNVARA podcast ‘Welcome to Washington’, journalist and American expert Laila Frank drives 20,000 kilometers across the country known as Washington. She goes in search of stories about Americans taking things into their own hands to change the country. Because in America, which is deeply divided politically, that change did not come from Washington DC. But can Americans really change everything they want? Or are there limits to that ideal? How far does Washington DC’s hand enrich the daily lives of Americans? In search of answers to those questions, Laila Frank explores the lives of Americans in 88 other places named Washington. ask ‘Welcome to Washington’ every Thursday from January 6 Via Your favorite podcast app, nporadio1.nl/podcasts, NPO Radio 1-Application Of NPO request application.

Laila: “Washington and their residents, no matter how different, have one thing in common: they’re deeply skeptical about the state of the country and Washington DC, but they’re endlessly confident in what they can do to change that. That difference has fascinated me.

Laila travels to Washington in 8 of 8 episodes, participating in the lives of Americans there every week for a week. He travels from the state of Washington to California and travels to Utah, Louisiana, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. For example, he stays off the radar for a week in the wrong village in California, spends a week on a farm in Kansas, and hangs out with anti-abortion activists in Ohio. Major themes such as climate change, racism and democratic change are interspersed with short stories about change.

Check out the ‘Welcome to Washington’ trailer below:

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