KWPN Horses Ali B, Edita and Whittinger VDL National GPs Do Good Business In US

KWPN Horses Ali B, Edita and Whittinger VDL National GPs Do Good Business In US

Amanda Flint My Whitinger VDL (V.Indocro). Photo: Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Last weekend, there were several international and national competitions in the United States, as well as competitions at the Grand Prix in San Juan Capistrano, California and Mills Spring, North Carolina. Wins fell to Nicole Haundt and Taylor Land, who topped both Grand Prix KWPN horses rankings. Ally b (v.Prestige VDL) en Edita (By Ugado) San Juan Capistrano and finished in the top three Whitinger VDL (By Indogrow) Mill Spring missed the win.

Only one compound in San Juan Cabistrano’s GP was able to hold zero twice on the scoreboard. Nicole Hornert sent her Congo (v.Conthargos) took home the main prize at the 1.45m Grand Prix. The German rider was accompanied by Simon Schrder Ali B, D. of Weinwood. The same thing happened with Zoom Gallagher and Edita, who were raised by Ans Bardo. The two hit a bar on the jump-app and took the top three spots in the third.

Whitinger VDL

The battle at the Mill Spring Grand Prix ended in a five-man jump-off match. This was with Taylor Land Get Go (Written by Gray Top) Peak. The two found the time of 31.55 and none of the contestants could hide here. Whittinger approached Amanda Blind success with VDL. Flint, the son of an Indochro raised by AJ Hassanberg of Obande, clarified in 34.08 seconds and won second prize. Grand Saker took third place (Kantuchini) And the fourth (Dr. J.).

By San Juan Capistrano Ann Conclusion Mill Spring.

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