KWPN Harness Hornes Stallion Hubert VDM to America

KWPN Harness Hornes Stallion Hubert VDM to America

Lambertus Huckriede with Hobart VDM winning the 2019 Oregon Cup. Photo: Melanie Brewing – Van Dijk

I am leaving soon Hubert VTM (Cizandro x Manno) From Lambertus Huckriede to North Carolina. Ten-year-old KWPN horned horse sold to Andrew Bearman of Stallion Bearman Farm. Hubert VDM is the leader in their own performance and breeding value list of horse stallions that have not yet had children in the game. Hubert VDM has 195 winning points.

Hubert VDM, born in 2012, was raised by Cicandro’s son of Weldin Cure Pref Burst of Mano and by Fiat Leeleweld of Leedszentham. Jab van der Mலllen presented the Hubert VDM at the KWPN study and Hubert was registered in 2018 after numerous reviews. Lambertus bought the Stallion from Hagrid Jap and in his hands Hubert showed himself to be an excellent competing horse. Prior to his approval, Hubert had already become a four-year-old children’s champion and won the national tournament unbeaten. He then became the champion in the single-arm class riding by the women and champion stallions. He also won the Oregon Trophy, the Lutenberg Grand Prix and the Cambridge Goal Trophy. Hubert Lambertus was in training with Hagrid. In 2020 the Hubert VTM was retained for breeding based on the puppies shown.

Pain in the heart

Lambertus Huckriede says with a heavy heart that he will give up his Stalin. “I have a special bond with Hubert, which started with approval. I have always had faith in Hubert, and Job van der Mலllen has given me every opportunity to bring Hubert to where he is today. Contacts were long.Yes, then you have to choose.He is ten years old, I decided to release him now.He still has frozen sperm so he can reproduce more.

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