Krioro Broodjes en districtscommissariaat Noord-Oost slaan handen ineen

Krioro Broodjes and Commissioner of the Northeast District unite

Dc Bhola in Don Chondro.

Manager and owner Krioro Broodjes Noord and Don Chundro and Paramaribo County Commissioner Noord-Oost enter into a public-private partnership. The project owner will carry out maintenance work on the edging and trenzen under the supervision of the supervisory board.

In this regard, the conditions of the Surinamese Ministry of Public Works will be observed. Edge decoration is also part of the whole. (text continues below image)

Businessman and District Commissioner Ricardo Bhola symbolically placed a plant in the ground on Commissioner Thurkoweg on January 11, 2022.

Don Chundro points out in a conversation with the Suriname Communication Service (CDS) that he has good cooperation with the supervisory board. Entrepreneur calls on other entrepreneurs, but also every citizen to keep his environment clean. “Citizen participation is critical to keeping Suriname clean,” stresses the owner of the sandwich shop. With this initiative, he hopes to motivate the entrepreneurs in Commissioner Thurkoweg to clean up their area and keep it that way.

District Commissioner Ricardo Bhola stated that the businessman is on the move. “He is currently expanding his business, but at the same time he is not thinking only of himself,” the mayor said. According to DC, it is critical to make your environment beautiful. The image the mayor wants is a clean and safe northeastern Paramaribo.

Dc Bhola assures that the Chundro initiative fits perfectly with the vision of the Ministry of Public Works. “We must invite the community to be part of the solution,” District Commissioner Bhola said.

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