KLM has canceled flights to the United States and is in danger of recovery

KLM has canceled flights to the United States and is in danger of recovery

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“The Dutch decision to tighten measures for American travelers is a big step for us,” a company spokesman said. “As a result, new flights scheduled from Amsterdam to Orlando, Miami and Las Vegas have been forced to withdraw from the winter schedule.”

This includes a total of nine flights per week, for which tickets have already been sold out. Affected passengers will be re-booked if they still wish to travel.

Intervention is inevitable because KLM expects the aircraft to be empty after the Dutch tighten. The fact that the Netherlands government has designated the United States as the most dangerous place also means that travelers vaccinated from the United States who have a negative test report or proof of recovery should be isolated in the Netherlands for another ten days. ”

Three lock

Other EU member states, such as Italy, France and Belgium, have less stringent rules for travelers from the United States. This means that Americans will choose flights to those countries and still travel to the Netherlands from there.

This plunges KLM into a serious disadvantage and endangers the recovery of society. “All of the current travel restrictions make normal operations impossible. This will significantly reduce KLM’s recovery in 2021 and 2022,” the spokesman said.

Support now – of which KLM was the largest recipient – will be discontinued on October 1, which is very serious. “We understand that salary support cannot continue indefinitely, but at the same time travel restrictions are still in place. It now aims to support companies that have suffered significant revenue losses as a result of the crisis, so that support is still very important to tourism and tourism.

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Other airlines do not understand that the Netherlands is taking action again. According to Marnix Freudma, president of the Bar Association, the duty to isolate vaccinated Americans is an ‘illusion’. Earlier this year, the system was already against Dutch requirements, meaning passengers would have to be tested twice.

“So politics is unaware of the ratio, inefficiency and utterly inconsistent between actions. I wonder why the Netherlands wants to take an exceptional position again in Europe? Or is our government, OMT and RIVM too smart? The country is ruled by political ignoramuses who have no foothold in society.

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