KLM employee (59) fired after 22 years for taking iPad| a job

Chief JusticeBringing home an iPad, knowing it’s not yours but the company you work for? This resulted in the firing of a KLM airline employee with immediate effect. The 59-year-old angrily went to court, but received no appeal. “This is a serious guilty act,” is the referee.

The man has been working at KCS, the official catering company of KLM, since 2001, and therefore can be considered an experienced employee. In his last position he was involved in sorting wagons and containers. Also on September 24 last year. That day, he and a few colleagues were busy refilling a container. Then his colleague came to him with an iPad that he found in a trash can. It was not clear from Friday’s ruling what type of container it was.

The man took his colleague’s iPad and then took it home without informing his manager. “I know when I find something I have to hand it to my team leader. I didn’t do it this time because my colleague said I could take it home,” the man later told his employer. relentlessly responded. The man was fired immediately. In the letter of resignation, the company referred to the man’s circumstances, including his long service and personal circumstances, but that did not lead to a different decision.

The young family is the breadwinner of the family

According to KCS, there is urgent cause for dismissal because the employee “illegally took possession” of the iPad. The company has known for at least 20 years that seizing items without the manager’s permission means immediate dismissal, even if the items are of low value. The employee was aware of this strict rule, according to the employer.

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The employee acknowledges that he should not have taken the iPad home with him, and that he should have given it to his team leader. He says he suspected it was a broken iPad the owner had parted with. Now the man says he misjudged. He maintains that he has no ill intentions and that he has been doing well for 21 years. He also notes that he is 59 years old and supports a young family and that it is difficult to find another job due to his age.

correctly rejected

The judge said this action permanently damaged the relationship between KCS and the employee. The nature and seriousness of the employee’s conduct, along with the nature of his position, means that KCS could not have chosen a less serious measure. In addition, it is not a fountain pen or notepad, but an iPad. The iPad undoubtedly represents a certain value and is meant to store data not meant for anyone else.

So the employee has been rightfully dismissed as per the court and therefore no back wages will be paid. However, he must bear the costs of the procedures.

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