Hamilton koning van Amerika, Verstappen doet het niet slecht

King Hamilton of America, Verstappen is not bad GPFans special

United States Grand Prix next week. Generally it is considered that Mercedes is mostly coming round. However Max Verstappen has done very well in the past. In this GPFans Special, we look at the past results of Lewis Hamilton and his Dutch title rival on American soil.

Verstappen made his debut in 2015 with Scuderia Toro Rosso, the sister team of Red Bull Racing. That year, the Dutch made already impossible maneuvers and caused a stir by making them successful. During the race on the American circuit that year, Verstappen started tenth. That year Toro Rosso ranked eighth to tenth in a car, if nothing crazy happened.

Max Verstappen Toro Rosso 2015

However, race is a different story. Verstappen returned from the tenth to the bizarre fourth. Definitely not bad for his first American Grand Prix. Team player Carlos Saines saw the black and white checkered flag in seventh place. In a race that started in the wet, Lewis Hamilton started from the pole. He was able to take his third world title in that race, so he drove carefully. Britain lost a place to teammate Nico Rosberg. Eventually he was able to win it again and Sir Lewis was able to win and take the World Championship.

Misfortune in the United States

The year a Dutchman won Formula 1 for the first time was 2016. Verstappen was out for that season and his promotion to Red Bull Racing was great. When qualifying in the United States, he was two tenths of a second slower than his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who was able to put his car in third place. The race was unfortunate for Limburger. He had already lost a spot to Sebastian Vettel in the first corner, then entered the unannounced pit box and got caught up in the technical race. This is a race that can be quickly forgotten.

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Verstappen in 2016 in the United States

Hamilton took the lead from start to finish at the Grand Prix. It was important for Britain to win as he was in full battle with captain Nico Rosberg for the World Championship. The title eventually went to the German, who retired from Formula 1 at the end of the year. He was replaced by Valteri Potas from Williams.

Catch the race 2017

Due to a phase penalty due to an engine change, Verstappen had to start racing from sixteenth place. It would be a great catch-up match, which would almost be crowned with a stage finish. Limburger went through the field to fourth. All he had to do on the last lap was overtake Kimi Raikkonen. Seventeen times he saw his opportunity there, for which he went. The Dutchman came off the track with his previous move with four wheels. For this he was punished by the executives. As a result, Verstappen lost his hard-fought stage space. Hamilton also won the US Grand Prix, with Vettel finishing second.

2017 United States Grand Prix Podium Festival

Spectacular race

The 2018 edition of the United States Grand Prix will be a madness. Verstappen broke the back break in qualifying after leaving the track. He had time in Q1, but could not improve on this due to deficiency. Red Bull immediately chose to change the Dutchman’s gearbox, due to which he had to start from eighteenth.

Hamilton started the race from the poles and fought with the cut for that year’s World Championship. When the lights went out, Rygonon’s Ferrari, in second place, took off like a cannon. He surpassed Britain and took the lead from a turn. A position he never gave up. Verstappen eventually finished second, overtaking sixteen drivers. The Dutchman saw for a while that he was going to win, but he finished 1.2 seconds behind Finn who managed to get his last win in Finmula 1.

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United States Grand Prix 2018

Dominated Mercedes

And in 2019 Hamilton was able to take the title in the round in Texas. He qualified for fifth place, behind the Dutchman who was able to put his Red Bull in third place. Potas was in first place behind the cut. In the beginning, Verstappen immediately overtook Germany.

Start the American Grand Prix 2019

He took second place and has been around here for a long time. However, this year, Mercedes was very fast and Hamilton eventually overtook the Dutchman. Finn, hired by Mercedes, was able to take his first win on American soil without a hitch. Hamilton came after it and Verstappen took the last stage.

Kota Lict Red Bull Well

Although this song is known in the United States as the Mercedes Circuit, I have to say that Red Bull works well. That team from Austria has yet to win. This year, however, the ratios are different and the penny may fall in the direction of Verstappen’s group.

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