KinectAir New Customer Electra Aero eSTOL • Pilot & Aircraft

Washington – American charter booking platform KinectAir has signed a letter of agreement with Electra Aero for the purchase of thirty hybrid-electric eSTOL aircraft.

The KinectAir platform currently powers one-way and round-trip aircraft operated by several commercial operators with a mix of eight-seat Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and five-passenger twin-engine Diamond DA62s.


According to the US startup, nearly 1,000 eSTOLS are currently on order from regional airlines, urban air traffic providers, charter groups, helicopter operators and emergency medical providers in the US, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. These include Bristow Group, Flyve, Ebird, Harbor Air, Tailwind Air, Raven Alaska, Mint Air, Events Air Cargo, Flapper, Yugo, Cold Aviation, Skyports, Northwest Seaplanes, El Azufre Resort and VeloJets. Corporate jets in Europe and America. The total value of the devices is about three billion dollars.

Electra Aero claims its model can carry nine passengers or 1,130 kg of cargo up to about 400 nm (740 km). With its short take-off and landing performance, it can operate from runways no longer than 300 ft (91 m) and cruise at a speed of 175 kts (324 km/h).

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