Kim Jong-un calls on North Korea to prepare for a nuclear strike against the United States | outside

According to the official North Korean news agency, he accuses the two countries of expanding their joint military exercises with US nuclear assets. Last Monday, the two countries began their 11-day joint military exercise, Freedom Shield.

The North Korean leader holds the United States and South Korea responsible for the escalating tensions in the region. He is said to have made his remarks when his army conducted military exercises on Saturday and Sunday. According to the Korean Central News Agency, the exercise is aimed at enhancing “capacity for nuclear counterattack” and should have a deterrent effect.

During the exercises, according to the news agency, a ballistic missile with a dummy warhead was launched to hit a target 800 kilometers away. Kim, who supervised the test, stressed the need for such exercises in case the country is forced to launch a “sudden and powerful nuclear counterattack.” “At a time when our enemies are becoming increasingly aggressive towards us, it is imperative that we greatly strengthen our nuclear arsenal,” Kim was quoted as saying by KCNA. We will not hesitate to respond to an unwanted situation.”

The official news agency reported that more than 1.4 million North Koreans have already volunteered to fight the United States.

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