Kim distances himself from Antoine in MAFS: 'Falling from the pink cloud'

Kim distances himself from Antoine in MAFS: ‘Falling from the pink cloud’

Things have been tough with Antoine and Kim since their honeymoon. Especially with Kim, suspicion is gaining ground. She struggles with her feelings and thus withdraws, which creates distance. “Of course it’s been a very intense week,” she said emotionally in front of the camera. “I went through some ups and downs, so that wasn’t possible for a while.” “I’m usually very good with my words and know exactly what I want to say. I haven’t done the past two days.”

Antoine also noted that Kim is not feeling well: “I sometimes feel like it didn’t always go smoothly. You talk about something for a while, and then he dies again. That’s the annoyance I felt. A bit.”

Despite everything, Kim takes her husband to her aunt, who moved in with her after her adventure in Tenerife. But once Kim “house” collapses completely and decides to enlist the help of expert Evelyn Stallart, who notes that it’s no surprise that Kim feels this way.

Kim is now at a point where Antoine can no longer do anything right in her eyes. They decided to take a break from each other and experiment. Kim is still optimistic: “I was on a very beautiful pink cloud before the wedding and during the wedding and I fell off a bit from it. But I hope the stairs won’t break and you can still go up to the top to go back to (…) Every fairy tale has a low point and ends nicely. Jamil also.the end“Behind, so we’ll see where it ends.”

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Birgit also expresses her doubts after their honeymoon in Porto. Once back in Dutch lands, she took her new husband Jan aside for a while. “Coexistence is coming and of course I’m looking forward to it, I want to see where Jan lives and see where I live. Then the doubt is whether that’s something I’ll always want in the future. I certainly don’t need to fill it in yet, but I have some doubts about that. What I’m just missing” It’s butterflies in my stomach, love.”

These feelings are completely unexpected for Jan. “I had quite a few plans. Anyway, they’re in dire straits now,” he says frustrated by the camera. “On the one hand, I think it’s pretty quick that she decided that. I’m so sorry. (…) I really wish things had gone better.”

For Jan, it feels a little bit like he’s out of the blue. “But wonders aren’t the world yet, and if we’re together for a few days, it might turn the other way.”

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