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Kilt Jagger is a fan of the American Sports Experience

It’s a great boost, and it’s a game changer. I never thought it would happen again, playing football in his dream country: the United States. But Lo, a private message, a private message, on Instagram turned Kelt Jager’s world upside down. ‘very Wonderful.’

Kelt Jager, 23, born and raised in Emmeloord, has been living in Oklahoma City since last week. Oklahoma, located on the Great Plains, above Texas, will be his home for the next four years. If everything, study and football, goes as planned. he goes He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Sports Management and playing football at NAIA, a college sports association. There is a long silence when asked about his major. Laughs: It took a while before I received my MBO-4, but I will. The days are not very long and I find the field of study very interesting. should be fine.’

The country of the rising sun

After football adventures at PEC Zwolle, Almere City FC, Flevo Boys, and jobs at a gym and pizzeria in Emmeloord, Jager is back to study and, just as important, is a definitive bid for a career in professional football. Last November, his dream of learning and playing soccer in America was revived. The quarterback was also able to go to Miami, but was not satisfied with conversations with the coach and found the temptations of Florida, Sunshine State, and the city too big. “I want to focus one hundred percent on school and football.”

From an early age he wanted to go to America, which has a magnet effect on Jagger. They find it fun for the boys who have played soccer at BVO. Mediators often contact such men. They play better in Europe than they play in America. The training here is good and in America they want to raise the bar. He estimates the college competition, in which Jagger will play, as “talented”. There are good footballers, mostly from professional clubs in Europe. They may not be experienced yet, but in terms of talent I think this competition is good level he is.’

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nice guests

Jagger is very motivated to make his American adventure a success. Eight years after PEC Zwolle, two years Jong Almere City FC and two years Flevo Boys. De Emmeloord is one hundred percent fit after a serious knee injury and played just about everything last season. I am happy with that. The knee works very well. The central defender was still a schoolboy when PEC Zwolle took him away from the Flevo Boys. I would love to go back. “Nice guys and a good coach.” Arjen Postma was able to charm him. ‘Arjen understands the game and knows what he wants. He is good at communicating his ideas to the group and always remains calm.

“Everyone always wants to win, even if you play sixth,” said Kilt Jäger, who after ten years of service at a paid football club noticed that things were very different in the Major League than he used to. “I’m not saying the Flevo Boys aren’t performance oriented enough, but at PEC and at Almere I’ve always been in the club an hour before training: changing, stretching, scoring, warming up, training yourself. At Flevo Boys, some boys arrive five minutes early. He credits Jagger that to the different life stages that players go through. ‘Okay. Once on the field, everyone wants to win, that’s not the problem.’

League Two

With PEC Zwolle B1, Kelt Jager played the cup final against Feyenoord in Varkenoord and played in Almere City in the second division against Katwijk and IJsselmeervogels. “Beautiful matches at a good level.” In America, he wants to develop his qualities (“calm on the ball, he can hit a guy, a good kick, not so fast”) and a taste of the American sports mentality. “I’ve always been looking forward to the American sports sector. That experience, how hard they work there to achieve their goals: So cool. I feel so much for it. I’d like to see and test how they work there.”

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Starts this week pre-season With physical exams and two exercises a day. In mid-August, Kelt Jager took first place in the lecture halls. Then: school in the morning, training in the afternoon. My English is reasonable. When I’m there for a month, I speak good English. School and football: he must succeed and he will succeed. I will do my best to achieve the highest that can be achieved: a professional contract or else I hope to become Draft For Division 1, the highest level in college football.

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