Kickboxer Robbie Hackman’s life in America could stretch back decades

Kickboxer Robbie Hackman’s life in America could stretch back decades

Terminally ill kickboxer Robbie Hackman from Newnan could have his life expectancy extended by 30 to 35 years in the US with a number of treatments. This is what the doctors told him there. Hackman landed back on Dutch soil on Thursday after talks with experts in the US. “I have a positive feeling.” Still, he wasn’t sure if he was going to do it.

The kickboxer from Neunen has already undergone two operations on a brain tumor in the Netherlands. According to doctors, a cure is no longer possible. After receiving treatment in the Netherlands, he had only five years to live.

Hackman decided to look further and ended up in America. As the treatment was not reimbursed by Medicare, a fundraising campaign was set up. Almost there Half a million euros. The counter now stands at over a ton.

“This is an honest doctor.”

Hackman flew to Houston for an initial meeting with experts, despite the fact that the full amount had not yet been received. “I have a positive feeling about it. He’s an honest doctor,” she says, looking back on the conversation.

And yet Hackman hasn’t said ‘yes’ yet. “It’s a good option, but I want to wait for conversations with other doctors first.” The ailing kickboxer will soon be speaking to doctors in London.

“The tumor is stable now.”

“If they offered the same kind of treatment, and I had 30 to 35 years to live longer, I’d choose that. Then I’d be farther away from home and have less time.”

Plus, Hackman doesn’t want to rush into a decision. “The tumor is stable at the moment. My chemotherapy in the Netherlands will continue until July. After that, I want to start new treatments as soon as possible.”

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Although the full amount for the new treatment is not yet available. “If I can get halfway there, if it lasts another year or two or ten years, I’ve got my time back,” he previously said.

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