Keti Koti-Handreiking informs employers that July 1 is a holiday

Keti Koti-Handreiking informs employers that July 1 is a holiday

More and more employers in the Netherlands, such as FNV, Greenpeace, LUSH and Tony’s Chocolonely, are taking the initiative to make July 1 a holiday for their employees to commemorate past Dutch slavery and celebrate Kitty Cooty.

Op this site is called “The Netherlands is Getting Better” Kitty Kuti Guide Launched for employers as part of the Free July 1st campaign, this guide provides tips and information to help employers contribute to the commemoration of slavery on July 1st.

The initiative, which is supported by various organisations such as Stichting Nederland Wordt Beter and The Black Archives, calls on employers to recognise July 1 as a holiday and show politicians how important it is.

Nearly 200 companies have already joined the campaign, and the guide is backed by expertise and practical advice. The aim is to make July 1 a national day of remembrance, with ongoing meetings and updates to the guide to engage more employers.

“It is a step toward a more tolerant and understanding society, in which we jointly acknowledge our past and work toward a just future for all. Together we can give July 1st a place as prominent as other meaningful events in our history,” the organization said.

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