Kazakh president said mission accomplished, foreign troops left again

Kazakh president said mission accomplished, foreign troops left again

Foreign soldiers who arrived in Kazakhstan last week are leaving again. President Tokayev said they have accomplished their mission to restore stability. The withdrawal will start in two days and must be completed within ten days.

Last week, violent unrest erupted in Kazakhstan. Protesters attacked government buildings and clashed with riot police. To do that, 164 dead I have fallen. The number of detainees has now risen to 10,000.

President Tokayev said it was an attempted coup involving Islamists trained abroad. He enlisted the help of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a Russian-led military coalition of former Soviet states. About 2,000 soldiers have been deployed to protect strategic locations such as airfields.

power struggle

According to analysts, there are also power struggle within the elite. It is said that Tokayev used the CSTO because he did not trust its security services.

The head of the intelligence service of the National Security Council Karim Masimov was expelled and arrested on charges of high treason. Tokayev announced in Parliament today because he failed to identify the danger in time and because he did not intervene properly during the riots.

These are pictures of the unrest last week:

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