Katrina fears for Odessa: 'We are alone'

Katrina fears for Odessa: ‘We are alone’

Katrina hurts to see. The beaches for which the city is famous are no longer accessible. Odessa is not Odessa anymore. “We are the city of history and glory, entertainment and culture. It is a cosmopolitan city that everyone loves to come to, from Russia to the Arabs. Now everyone has abandoned us and we are alone.”

It’s frustrating in Europe, despite all the kind and welcome help. But governments are cowardly and do not dare to set up a no-fly zone.” NATO countries are afraid That this measure, which requires NATO to ban Russian aircraft from Ukrainian airspace, will lead to further escalation.


Katrina says there is loneliness in the city, in part because residents feel neglected. “On the street everyone greets each other with” Slava Ukraini “(Long live Ukraine, editor), everyone helps everyone.”

As in the rest of the country, the fighting spirit is high. “We are like bees. We work hard and don’t attack anyone. Unless they attack us, we will bite. We will fight back in every way we can.”

Katerina wants nothing more than to stay in Odessa. “It is our pleasure how well you help us, but no one wants to be a refugee in Europe. And you don’t want all of us either. I just want peace,” said emotionally. Peace under the Ukrainian flag.

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