Kate Moss Fled When She Was 15 During Filming: 'Take Off Your Bra, They Said' |  stars

Kate Moss Fled When She Was 15 During Filming: ‘Take Off Your Bra, They Said’ | stars

Kate Moss, 48, has been one of the big names in the modeling world for over thirty years. She says in the interview that those early years were very painful. It all started for Moss when she was discovered at an airport at the age of 14. Then it descended. As a teenager, she had to go to castings on her own and traveled long distances. At the age of 15, she had a “horrible experience” when she was asked to take off her bra to take a photo for a catalog. “I was very shy about my body at the time and felt something was wrong. So I packed my things and ran.” That experience would have sharpened her senses, which she says is now very good at spotting people with the wrong intentions.

However, the situation did not immediately improve. She befriended photographer Corinne Day, but it was a difficult friendship. Moss remembers a lot of crying over bare buds. “she (today, editor) He’ll say: ‘If you don’t raise your head, I won’t book you deerIt hurts. I loved her. She was my best friend, but she was a difficult person. Although the pictures are great, she got what she wanted and struggled for it, but in the end they really did me a world of good. They changed my career.”

So Moss was chosen as a model for American designer Calvin Klein’s lingerie campaign. Then she made the statement with actor Mark Wahlberg, but this experience was also “not good”. Moss took Valium to get out of bed in the morning and again felt “something weak and afraid”. She had to stand topless in front of the lens again. “They played with my weakness, Calvin liked that.”

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