Karen: “My insecurities about my appearance cost me thousands of euros a year”

Karen: “My insecurities about my appearance cost me thousands of euros a year”

Being insecure about your appearance is annoying enough, but it can also cost you a lot of money if you decide to do something about it. Karen calculated and was shocked.

Thankfully, my concerns about my appearance have receded over the years—especially now that I’ve had kids—but it will always be a thing. In recent years, I haven’t had time to look in the mirror – it’s so refreshing. But now that the tough baby years are behind us and there’s slowly more time and space available again, I’m a little more concerned about my appearance. Unfortunately, a lot of money goes there.

I have a lot of costs because of my appearance

I suffered a lot from acne in my teenage years. According to my environment, everything was fine, but I thought it was terrible. I did everything in my power to make those pimples disappear or hide them. My parents and I have also spent thousands of euros to make me feel better. Think creams and beauty treatments at an esthetician. But I also spent hours under the tanning bed burning. Because bitches kept away from the sun.

I now have to sit on blisters for it. Not only because I now have to regularly remove skin cancer spots (grease, darlings!), but also because I have more visible wrinkles around my eyes than the average woman my age. You may like it, but I don’t think so.

An injection of Botox

What is the one thing that actually works? Botox. I fight one evil with the other. Three or four times a year I go to Botox farms to spray crow’s feet around my eyes. At first I was a little ashamed, now it’s not at all like that. I feel good when I see that I am fresher again, but it costs me 150 euros each time. Calculate.

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permanent makeup

Then there are my eyebrows. Unfortunately, I was ahead of the line when straight eyebrows were handed out with no shape. I’ve been trying to remove some kind of arc in it for years, but it hasn’t been successful at all. So when I found out that all those gorgeous brows you see on TV these days are simply “fixed” with permanent makeup, I didn’t know how fast I had to run to the salon. 300 euros lighter, but a justified investment in my pleasure. Because oh, oh, oh, how happy I am every day when I look in the mirror.

That’s why I decided a few months later to permanently put the line above my eyes, so I wouldn’t be standing in the schoolyard with my buttocks bare. It also cost me 200 euros. And remember: permanent makeup is not permanent. Once every year or two, you should put it back in.

Children fall victim

See, there’s nothing wrong with being a little vain. Treating yourself to beauty treatments every now and then is not. But these are treatments that I feel I can no longer do without. Which makes me feel insecure when I stop.

In fact, I also now have a frown line between my eyebrows and am seriously considering including it in my upkeep next time. This means that from now on I will spend 250 euros each time on Botox implants. And that three or four times a year. This is an outrageous amount of money. All the money I can’t afford to spend on early retirement I’m saving hard for it. or for my children. Besides: I’m not going to win the battle against wrinkles in the end. Maybe it’s time for a self-confidence course for beginners…?

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