Jutta Leyerdam on relationship with Jake Paul: “I can’t say more”


Jota Leerdam and Jake Paul are still in the middle of their honeymoon, but their 27 million followers want to know the details of their relationship. Recently, the American has already told what the situation is. “Her heart is purer than everyone I know.”

Now the Olympic champion is also being pulled by questions about her private life and travel plans. to my correspondent The telegraph And RTL Boulevard She didn’t want to lose them when she got back to the States. “I knew you were going to ask for this. I’m mainly focused on the season,” I tried to dismiss them.

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After commenting that she’s glowing, Jota lets out a nervous laugh and adds, “I’m definitely glowing, but I don’t want to say too much about it. It’s going very well. I’m very happy and I’m very happy. And it’s very nice to me. That is.”

Open the map

Jota was not allowed to say much, but she indicated that she would return to him. The question is correct. Are YouTube lovers BA w/ Jake Paul Get the scoop on relationship details? It appears that the couple went into the studio together to record an episode.

It is expected that Jota (alone) will pen her own story on the YouTube show Open the map by Robert Rodenburg. Three days ago, the skater posted a photo with the talk show host on Instagram. “Back in town, spending time with your fam and friends before the season starts‘ I wrote. The end caption features an eye emoji. Is this evidence?

Thumbnail for It's official: Jutta Leerdam confirms her relationship with Jake Paul on InstagramIt’s official: Jutta Leyerdam confirms her relationship with Jake Paul on InstagramRead also

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