Jutta Leerdam is unbeatable in the 1000m, and gold also goes to Hein Otterspur and Irene Schotten in Calgary |  sports

Jutta Leerdam is unbeatable in the 1000m, and gold also goes to Hein Otterspur and Irene Schotten in Calgary | sports

Jutta Leyerdam also won her third 1000m at the World Cup. And in Calgary, the world sprint champion beat American Kimi Goetz and Vanessa Herzog from Austria with a time of 1.12.82.

Leerdam was already the fastest at the World Cups in Stavanger and Heerenveen. In Calgary, she competed against Antoinette Ribma de Jong in the penultimate stage. With a quick second corner kick, the Jumbo-Visma skater left her teammate far behind and kept him in the final round. It was 0.71 seconds under Goetz’s time.

Rijpma-De Jong came in 1.13.64 and that was good for fifth place. Japanese Olympic champion Miho Takagi was only fourth in the final stage with a time of 1:13.57.

Isabelle Griffelt was unable to continue with her third-place finish at Heerenveen. Despite her shaky start, she set a new personal best and finished seventh, with a time of 1:14.17.

Michelle de Jong also improved her best time to 1.14.29. That earned her eighth place. Marit Flideros was stuck in 13th place in her ride against American Kimmy Goetz with a 1.15.00.

Jutta Leerdam. © Pro Shots / Eric Passman

He also went to the Otterspier at 1000 metres

Hein Otterspeer also took gold in the kilometer in Calgary. The 34-year-old skier from Reggeborgh finished 1.07.28 on his ride, narrowly ahead of Canadians Laurent Dubreuil and Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu.

Thanks to a good first segment, Otterspeer dived four-hundredths of a second into Gélinas-Beaulieu’s time. Then he saw that his compatriots Thomas Kroll and Joppe Winemar had not met his time. Kroll finished in eighth place with a time of 1:07.70. Wennemars improved to 1:08.08, but finished only thirteenth.

Dubreuil started very quickly on the penultimate stage, but lost his lead going into the final corner. He got stranded at 2 percent of a second from Otterspeer.

Kai Verbig made his first 1000-meter start of the competition season due to a previous groin injury. The world champion in the kilometer race had ridden in the first stage against Britain’s Cornelius Kerstin and got 1.07.63 and finished seventh.

Hein Otterspeer with Canadians Laurent Dubreuil and Antoine Gelinas-Beaulieu on the podium.

Hein Otterspeer with Canadians Laurent Dubreuil and Antoine Gelinas-Beaulieu on the podium. © Pro Shots / Eric Passman

Erin Schotten wins the mass start

Erin Schouten won her third mass start race at the World Cup in Calgary. The Olympic champion in this segment also gave up her disappointing performance in the 3000-meter race last Friday. After 16 laps, she held off American Mia Kilburg and Canadian Ivanie Blondin in a long sprint.

Marije Groenewoud attacked early, but was not given the space. Schouten took the lead at half way. The two Dutch skaters made the competition tough. Groenewoud accelerated on the last lap and Schouten appeared to be beaten in the sprint, just as before in Stavanger. But with the last attempt, she still wins. Groenewoud finished fourth.

Schotten had previously suffered a crushing defeat in the 3000 metres. She finished seventh, behind Norway’s Rani Wiklund. “After 200 meters I stopped,” the three-time Olympic champion said of her failed race.

Erin Scottin.

Erin Scottin. © Pro Shots / Eric Passman

The winner was especially happy because she won the mass start again in a final sprint. After being beaten in Stavanger, Schotten won in Heerenveen after a long breakaway. “The final was exciting,” she told NOS. ,, I want to try several things in the mass start. Today I also wanted to attack, but I was blocked a bit and soon noticed that it would be a sprint.”

Bart Hoolwerf couldn’t break any pot in the men’s mass start. The Reggeborgh skier finished 17th and last. The victory went to the Italian Andrea Giovannini. In the peloton, all the skiers waited for Olympic champion Bart Swings to close the gap with runaway Peter Michael from New Zealand. After several attempts and a lack of support, the Belgian kept his legs steady, until they stopped working and some skaters took off. Giovannini outplayed Michael and lost the win.

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