Jumbo-Visma will continue to use supplements, including ketones, for the time being

Jumbo-Visma will continue to use supplements, including ketones, for the time being

The Jumbo-Visma team will continue to use the supplements for the time being. This is confirmed by coach Meren Zeeman cycling flash. Last week, the International Cycling Union called on riders during the World Cup in Flanders to not use supplements, including ketones, for the time being. The International Cycling Federation first wants to conduct scientific research on whether ketones improve performance and investigate whether using ketones can have harmful effects.

“In the field of nutrition and nutritional supplements, we work with Professor Asker Jokendrop from Loughborough University, who is a world reference in this scientific field. He has conducted many studies and also monitors all international scientific reports.”

“We are advised to use ketones in specific cases as part of a sophisticated nutritional strategy. Certainly this way, he says, supplementation has no adverse effects. It always comes down to the full picture and that is why you should always seek expert advice. We invest in it, in every area and of course within limits. What is permitted.”

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At Jumbo-Visma, they are convinced that collaborating with Jeukendrup on scientific research into nutritional supplements means that they are among the leaders in the international sports world and that no new issues from UCI research will emerge to them. The Cycling Federation is awaiting the results of their scientific research and is advising riders to refrain from using ketones and other nutritional supplements in the meantime.

Some professional teams, including Team DSM, were already strongly against use. Ketones are not currently on the UCI’s List of Prohibited Substances and Methods. Teams affiliated with the MPCC, the trusted cycling movement, are speaking out against ketogenic use.

“Once the UCI bans the use of ketones, we will of course stop using this substance immediately,” Zeman continues. “Although I also think many people overestimate the value of ketones and other supplements. A great foundation for performance is training and natural nutrition.”

“Supplementation is a small part of a big strategy. With a strategy, as with Food Coach, you can make a difference. Supplementation can give something extra in the margins. We know from many studies that ketones alone don’t tell the difference between winning and losing, but we also do.” We are doing research on how to take advantage of margins. In our opinion, this is part of the professional performance approach.”

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