'Judgment in gossip case won't lead to more cases against juice channels'

‘Judgment in gossip case won’t lead to more cases against juice channels’

Although the form in which gossip is published has changed with the advent of juice channels, according to lawyers, this does not mean that the judiciary will also be modified as a result.

According to Meindersma, cases against juice channels will not be won any faster yet gossip-Processing. “In principle, this is not a very different outcome from what we’ve seen in other cases involving the popular press or freedom of expression.”

“I work a lot with free speech cases and then you see that judges often use the same standard in cases,” says attorney Jurjens. “At a certain point, blogs appeared, then social media appeared. But the assessment of whether the expression was illegal did not change in substance and was also applied in this case.”

So he doesn’t think more cases will be pursued against the juice channels because of this case alone. “But it is possible that the attorney will refer this lawsuit if there is a new case against the juice channel.”

Corrections or deletion of messages

Jurgens says the fact that few cases have been brought against the juice channels in court so far does not mean that celebrities are not seeking communication about correcting or deleting messages. “In this case, the cases are not referred to the court, but have already been arranged before that. Sometimes it is not even necessary to involve a lawyer.”

Most juice channels are active on Instagram and often share gossip in stories that can only be seen for 24 hours. Meindersma is in touch with some of the channels and while she doesn’t want to name the names, she says these channels have had multiple requests to remove certain stories. “If the attorney sends them a message after that, they will delete it as well. Because the message has already been seen and the juice channels are OK to remove it.”

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No big compensation

If it comes to a case, a celebrity will gain little from it, Meindersma asserts based on past lawsuits against gossip magazines. You can get a lot in America, but those amounts are low in Holland.

In the case of Famke Louise v. gossip Decision makers have to pay her legal costs, but this does not stop her either, the lawyer believes. I expected that gossip They quickly get back the money that they would have to pay through their viewers. It turns out that this happens. A crowdfunding campaign by manufacturers raised 27,000 euros in 24 hours.

“Very firm”

The court ruled in two cases in the Famke Louise case. gossip He put a number of Famke Louise online, which Roos and Schouten claimed were already public. The judge did not agree. The film makers also concluded based on the song that Famke Louise was abused by Ali B, later calling her “a retarded bitch”. They have to come up with a patch for that.

According to Meindersma, Roos and Schouten went too far in their firm conclusion about the abuse. She sees this certainty less with the other juice channels. “Often exaggerated gossip. Someone knows someone who has heard something. Most channels don’t jump to conclusions.” You find the juice channels “awesome in style”. “But if you look at it legally, there are a lot of innocent people out there.”

gossip has now Video registered for the lawsuit. Mindersma: “So you see that too gossip Not afraid. They started saying ‘backward bitch’ more often and re-corrected the entire story in their video today.”

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