Judging in North America: Janneke Provisional Groon (Tide 501) wins in Michigan

Judging in North America: Janneke Provisional Groon (Tide 501) wins in Michigan

Boonstra Friesians Provisional Kroon’s Janneke (Tiede 501 x Doaitsen 420) was the breeding day champion of the study in Ionia, Michigan. Honorable Mention Number Three is Overall Reserve Champion Adeline-Christina Fan Thunderhill Grune AA (Sape 381 x Mintze 384), Felicity Fan ‘e Performa Grune AA (Julius 486 x Mintze 384).

Janneke or Boonstra Friesian’s Temporary Crown (Tied 501 x Deutzen 420) Photo: Lori Thwing

IBOP driving tests score 78.5 and 80 points

It was a joy for the jury members Pete Bergsma and Will Thijsen in Michigan. They started their judging day with 5 IPOBs, two of which were driving tests. The two steer mares impressed with their presentation, with Kai Zijlstra as trainer and driver. Adeline-Christina Fan Thunderhill Star A (Sape 381 x Mintse 384) Alaina Gregory, East Grand Rapids had already finished IPOB with 74.5 points. However, she was allowed to change her A to AA with 78.5 points. Felicity fan ‘e Performa Ster (Julius 486 x Mintse 384) went the extra mile scoring 80 points. ‘It was a joy to watch,’ says Will Thijsen. Later that day the two tested mas returned and both received a first premium, a promotion to Provisional Grune, which was immediately converted to Grune after scoring well on the skills test. Adeline shows breed type, she scores 8.5 for trot under an active gait with a strong hind leg. Felicity also has breed type, is strongly built with good body direction, and combines a good walk with room in the trot and plenty of balance.

Janneke: Best walk and walk of the day

But above these two beautiful mature mares there was one more mare: the three-year-old Janneke of Boonstra Friesian (Tide 501 x Deutzen 420) by Mark and Martha Boonstra. Jannek scored high on the board with a particularly strong stride. He was first in the three-year-old class, where Klorstje (Tjalbert 460 x Nanning 374) finished second with the sire second premium. In the championship study, Janneke took the provisional crown and the overall championship. “She’s very young, has the best walk and gait of all the horses, and she’s the best of the day in movement,” says Will Thijsen.

Tsjalle 454 offers first premium

One first premium was awarded to colts, three to mares. Especially in Lori Brock’s stable, who went home with four first premium foals, with impressive wins, and the striking sire Tsjalle 454, who could immediately cash in on his breeding season in America. Majestic Friesians’ stallion foal Titan (Tsjalle 484 x Julius 486) won the orange ribbon. In fillies this is for Temptress of Majestic Friesians (Hessel 480 x Lammert 260), Debin of Majestic Friesians (Tzjalle 454 x Julius 486) and Theory of Majestic Friesians (Tzjalle 454 x Julius 486). The championship was for Great Trotting Theory, Reserve Champion of Pedigree Titan Foals.

Hilly is the granddaughter of the Youth Champion

The youth championship goes to the two-year-old Nanneke van de Keen (Nane 492 x Onne 376) and granddaughter of the well-known Hilly van de Zuiderward Model Sport Preferent Performance (Tsjerk 328). Breed-typical Nanneke received first premium because of his strong topline, which gives his legs a little more quality, but he showed more space at the walk and moved smoothly at the trot with plenty of bend in the hind leg. . Reserve Junior Champion entered by Majestic Friesians Prada (Julius 486 x Date 477).

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