Joyce Pané-Alfaisi nieuw Korpshoofd KPA

Joyce Baneh Alvesi, new head of the Korean People’s Army, Suriname

On April 28, Minister of Justice and Police Kenneth Amoxi handed command of the Corps of Prison Officials (KPA) in Suriname to Director of the Duisburglaan Prison Institution (PID) Joyce Panne Alvesi. Ms. Elvisi will be Chief of Staff of the Korean People’s Army.

During a ceremony held at the KPA Center, the Minister and the outgoing Chief of the Corps, Mr. A. The art transfer was performed by Regillio Blijd. Mr. Blejd had postponed his retirement a few months to make sure the transfer was done correctly, but he is now on leave and then retiring.

Minister Amoxi congratulated the police chief on his career and on being the first chief of the KPA forces. He told Ms. Baneh Alvesi that commanding the force was a unique challenge. More attention is needed to respect human rights in all forces. The minister indicated that this could be discussed with human rights organizations that wish to contribute to strengthening this aspect of work. It is also essential that this knowledge be included in the curricula for training prison staff.

Mr. Blijd has completed 37 years of service, including 5 years as Chief of Staff. At the beginning of his speech, he expressed his thanks to the minister, the administration, the union and the workers. He presented the Minister with a transfer document detailing the current status of the service and facilities.

Ms. Elvisi, who held the position of Director of PID, says her new position marks a milestone in her career. She has been closely involved in leadership since December 2021 and has gradually taken over some duties and responsibilities. She wants to meet the challenge with members of the KPA and the Ministry. The KPA faces a number of challenges, but it also has significant developments. She thanked the outgoing Mr. Bleigd and noted that he expertly led her.

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The President of the Federation expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation he had with Mr. Happy and I hope for a good continuation of the relationship with the new Corps Chief. they wish to be mr. Have a good retirement.

Political Adviser Ms. Acton noted that Mr. I am happy to look back with pride in the past. During his tenure as a manager, great strides were made for the organization. The legal framework for the organization has been completed, and the Corps is the only force in the Caribbean that has senior officer training for prison officials. Finally, she wished Ms. Elvisi every success and indicated that she could continue to count on the support of the Ministry.

The meeting was also attended by the Director of Operational Services at the Ministry, Mr. Patrick Campan, and the directors of the Korean People’s Army.

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