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The US Nintendo Switch hardware repair center in the US was having problems with the point Thousands of copies in Joy-Con sticks every week. The center could not handle the large amount and made many mistakes.

who – which Says An anonymous source who worked at the repair center on gaming news site Kotaku. It’s a repair center in New York State that has performed repairs for clients “east of the Mississippi River,” where about half of the American population lives. This repair center is owned by a third party and does repair work on behalf of Nintendo.

In 2017 and 2018, Nintendo sent out new versions of consoles like those the point show up. After that, the company changed its strategy and all the consoles had to be repaired. Therefore, at the height of the rush to repair consoles, thousands of copies were arriving every week. Perhaps tens of thousands can be spoken of when extrapolating the entire United States. For context, Nintendo announced in February that it was More than 100 million toggle switches.

Of those numbers, 90 percent had to be fixed within four days, creating a workload that was difficult for the repair center to handle. At one point, the center was given a workshop dedicated solely to Joy-Con repairs. Nintendo will not charge customers for Joy-Con repairsthe point

Although the fatigue experienced by the repair center can be explained simply by insufficient investment in the center, it has resulted in “a lot” of errors in the repairs. Kotaku hasn’t reported bugs made except for a swap console, but reports of Joy-Cons coming back from a fix and still the point Easy to find on the Internet.

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Kotaku describes the “peak” of the amount of reforms as if they were a thing of the past. That could be good, like Nintendo announced last year That since the launch of the console, the reliability of the consoles has improved and are more durable than before, but the problem remains, “just like a car tire always wears out.” In 2020, Nintendo introduced a version apologies to the point at.

Stick drift occurs when the analog console from neutral is still constantly transmitting motion to the console, which significantly hampers gameplay. iFixit is published In 2019, an article explaining the options available when using a Joy-Con the point offers. IFixit states that Joy-Cons will be repaired by Nintendo if they are within the warranty period, but According to the deputy report Watch Nintendo the point Not warranty.

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