Journalist Michiel Vos to Tubergen and De Lutte: ‘America as an example and a warning’

Journalist Michiel Vos to Tubergen and De Lutte: ‘America as an example and a warning’


Lectures Vos

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Friday evening at De Lutte is sold out.
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“It’s time for a book that tries to explain what’s been going on in America for more than 20 years. How does the country go off the rails, but still inspire? Both: America is an example and a warning,” says the writer on the radio program Twente is Wakker.

Michael Voss presents his new book Fox in America at De Lute

An evening with Michael Voss at the Landkot de Wilmersberg on Friday, June 21, about his life in the US and his new book, Vos in de US.

Fast and direct

Why are the Dutch interested in the country? “When you look at America, you’re really looking at your own country in 5 or 10 years. America is a country where things happen quickly and instantaneously. There’s little government, there are no brakes on society. You’re already seeing progress,” Voss reports. “What happens in America is 5 or In 10 years, you see it in the Netherlands, in things like skateboards and pop music, and everything from the small to the big.

“If you have power in America, you have more power than in the Netherlands”

Michael Voss, journalist

Strange circumstances

As for politics, there is a lot at stake in the future. The US presidential election will be held on November 5, 2024. The battle for the White House is in full swing.
“If you have power in America, you have more power than in the Netherlands,” Voss said. In his book he writes about fundraising, where money is raised for politicians. “You meet very strange situations and very colorful people. We don’t know that in the Netherlands.

Angry Americans

Not only do some happy people appear in the book, but angry Americans also enter. “For example, people are angry about the fact that they’re not being heard, and that often leads them to vote for Donald Trump. Others are annoyed that 81-year-old Biden still wants to be president again.

“We’re in the joke, Jagan we’re in America”

Michael Voss

Trump vs. Biden

He has a crystal ball, luckily he doesn’t, he tells himself. “I don’t know what will happen in the presidential election in November. No one in America has a crystal ball. Americans are also confused about this. We’re in on the jokeWe say in America.
“A 77-year-old man is running against an 81-year-old man and they both want to be president. If you look at the polls, Trump may win. He is leading in all polls. Three years ago, after the storming of the Capitol, he was declared politically dead. On the other hand, we have an incumbent president who isn’t doing so badly, but is very shaky and can’t always find his way off the stage. And then people start thinking ‘is he still in it, can he handle it’.

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Voss in TV VS

In the book Voss in the US and during lectures, Voss explains what is happening in America today. To promote his book, he traveled criss-crossing the Netherlands for three weeks. On Tuesday he was in Middleburg, on Friday afternoon, June 21, he would be in Tuberken, and on Friday evening in the estate of de Wilmersberg in de Lute.


Michiel Vos (53) is an American lawyer, journalist and reporter. He was born in Groningen. Due to his father’s work the family moved to Maastricht and Vos grew up there.
He moved to America in 2003. Two years later, he married a journalist and documentary filmmaker, Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, the former Democratic Caucus Chair of the House of Representatives.
Voss holds both Dutch and American nationality.

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