Journalist Bjotr Sauer: ‘Biden has all hope for the release of close friend Gershkovich’

Journalist Pyotr Saver, a close friend of the reporter Ivan Gershkovich, arrested by Russia, is doing everything he can to get him out of Russian prison as quickly as possible. “We are increasing the pressure on President Joe Biden with a group to see what is possible with a prisoner exchange,” says Sauer on the WNL radio program Sven Op 1 on NPO Radio 1.

Ivan Gershkovich is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. He was arrested in Russia in late March on suspicion of espionage. Twenty years in prison hangs over his head. As revealed in the first phase of investigation yesterday, he is still in custody. Attempts to free him failed. Gershkovich was a good friend of the Dutchman Bjodr Sauer. Sauer is now doing everything he can to get him noticed.

Gershkovich’s parents did not return calls from Biden

US President Joe Biden called Ivan Gershkovich’s parents after his arrest. “His parents didn’t answer the first time because they didn’t recognize the number. Then they talked to each other. We see the United States taking swift action,” says Sauer. “The next step is for them to meet.”

All hopes of publication are now pinned on the White House. “I think the U.S. is going to do a lot to get him out, help Biden get Ivan to work at the Wall Street Journal, Democrats and Republicans want him out. And that will help Biden in the election. So the question is who wants Russia back and who wants America back?” Sauer said. continues.

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‘Your heart is sinking’

Sour still remembers the moment his friend Ivan was arrested. “The moment you hear that the FSB (Russian Secret Service, ed.) has charged him, your heart sinks. It’s news you haven’t seen.” Sour was in touch with him before that. “I still open that message from time to time. Then watch it ‘offline’ and it hits me.

“We do everything we can to keep the pressure as high as possible,” says Gershkovich’s best friend. She plans to visit the US in June to meet Evan’s parents in person.

Action Arsenal FC

Both Gershkovich and Sauer are avid fans of the English football club Arsenal. So he prepares a protest against Southampton on Friday evening with other friends. “The ‘Free One’ banners are going that way. The supporters have already indicated that they want to be fully involved. We are now in touch with the club management about what they can do.

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