Journalist arrested for reporting during Holy Week in Nicaragua

Organizations defending freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Nicaragua are demanding the release of Victor Deke. Nicaraguan journalist Mountie was arrested by the regime on Thursday. It happened after he posted on social media about an event during Holy Week.

On April 7, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) demanded the immediate release of Deke and an end to the arrest of journalists.

Live broadcast

Dike was arrested on the morning of Thursday, April 6 in the city of Nandime in southwestern Nicaragua, according to various media outlets. He is a reporter in a local television station Channel 10.

TK was arrested after live-streaming the religious event on April 5 on its Facebook page La PortalaA local news site he runs.

Ban on procession

According to the website Alertas Libertad de Prensa NicaraguaThe video, which monitors press freedom in the country, was removed from the page after his arrest.

DK’s arrest comes amid the regime’s decision to ban street processions and religious activities. According to the latest report, more than 3,000 processions were banned under the decree last Holy Week.


After the arrest of the journalist, several media reported that he was transferred to prison El Sibot. The government is now detaining many Catholics there, including priests.

“The Nicaraguan government has demonstrated once again that it does not respect the right to freedom of expression amid an absurd climate of total censorship, which extends even to religious activities,” said Carlos Martínez de la Cerna, CPJ’s program director.

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‘Randon and Illegality’

Nicaragua’s Association of Independent Journalists and News Readers also condemned the arrest, calling it “arbitrary and illegal.” The group called for the “immediate release” of the journalist.

According to a report released by the NGO Blue and White Monitoring on Good Friday (a reference to the colors of the Nicaraguan flag), at least 15 Nicaraguans were arrested during Holy Week. Most of them were anti-regime and staunch Catholics.

35 incidents

One of those arrested was Father Donaciano Alarcon. The regime tried to deport him on Monday of Holy Week: authorities caught him, took him to the border with Honduras and left him there.

At least 35 incidents of human rights violations were reported in the country’s nine administrative districts between April 1 and April 6, according to Blue and White Monitoring.

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