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Jos Verstappen is back in America: “It should be a little party”

Jos Verstappen Son Max Verstappen missed decisive race for world title He didn’t in Japan, but it will happen again in the next race in America. Max’s second world title made Jose proud. It’s a title that can’t be compared to the Red Bull driver’s first title since his bizarrely thrilling battle with Lewis Hamilton.

“I’m always proud”, says Jose Verstappen “Definitely not just this race, always. I was away from home for three weeks. In Singapore I was like ‘going home’. I think I need to. My wife and kids are at home, that’s the reason I’m not in Japan, but I’m there to celebrate and be happy. Doesn’t have to be. Until that happens. He’s doing it now, so I line up the races. Of course I come home like I do when I’m on the track.”

Jos Verstappen was in touch with Japan during the race. “Finally, word came to redeem that he was a champion. The emotion was different than last year. Last year an incredible emotion was unleashed. Now you can already feel it coming. You know it’s going to happen. You don’t know when, how and what yet, Yes, it will happen today.”

“Of course he drove a really strong race, you think he finished 26 seconds ahead of No. 2 in a 38-minute race. That’s Max’s specialty: in the rain, finding the grip. You run a little bit more. Risky in the rain. But really, there’s something special about him in the rain since he was a kid. Yes. He knows how to handle it. You saw that in the race. He was quick right away. Leclerc started to chase him. He probably drove too fast and it caused too much wear. Max keeps stumbling on laps. That’s Max, he knows what he’s doing. That’s what makes him so good.”

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A second world title leaves Jos Verstappen satisfied. “Your son wins the Formula 1 world championship… you have to make the right decisions. You have to be with the right team and have the right people around you. Raymond, Max and I have often talked about which side we are on. If this happens a second time, it will be Goosebumps of course. We called each other after the race. I said he was the best. But I say that almost every weekend.”

Bee Joe’s next race in America Back on track. “Next year Max isn’t done yet. We’ve got to finish this season first. Make no mistake, it’s been a tough year. There’s a lot of competition, more competition next year. I know Max won’t be there. Going 24 games is the biggest fan. He deserves it after this season. I think I need a break. I’ll be back in America. I think there’ll be a little party there one night.”

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