Jortcast: a capitalist revolution against big technology

Jortcast: a capitalist revolution against big technology

When we talk about big technology, we mean companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and also, for example, AirBnB. “They’re a lot like regular companies – but they have important technology. They can decide who can and who can’t use it, and they can play countries against each other,” Bacher said in the statement. gortcast.

‘Dead scary, those lobbyists’

Many organizations rely on the cloud services provided by Amazon, for example. They are bound by the rules imposed by the tech giants. According to Passchier, it is very difficult as an organization to get rid of this cloud again. “I hear from many managers at vital companies that if, say, Amazon goes down, that means the end of their company.”

Hence the pressure groups, which dominate. “Fantastic,” says Gort. Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg now serves as one of the key people at Facebook in Europe. “He’s just tweaking Brussels legislation in a way that Facebook doesn’t suffer too much. As if it were in our interest for Zuckerberg to own a big company.”

If you can’t beat them, join them? Gort and Bacher philosophize about the capitalist revolution. Could it limit the power of big technology? listen new gortcast in your podcast app or below.

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