Joost Klein for Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest: ‘Why would he do that?’ | RTL Street

Joost Klein for Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest: ‘Why would he do that?’ | RTL Street

Second chance

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Joost Klein, 26, announced during a concert in Belgium that he is open to participating in the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of that country. Last week on Pinkpop, the artist also hinted at his desire to participate again in 2025. He then said: “Why not 2025?” Pieter van de Veer, presenter of the preliminary selection for the Belgian Eurosong 2025, responds to Joost’s possible participation for Belgium. He told RTL Boulevard that he did not understand that Jost wanted to make a second attempt.

“It has been given to him and I want to welcome him with open arms.”

During his performance in Genk, Belgium, fans held up banners indicating that Joost should represent the Netherlands again next year. He replied: “Who said I want to go to this country”? It now seems as if Jost has set his sights on Belgium and would rather represent our southern neighbors than our little country. “Call me, Studio Brussels,” he shouted during his presentation.

Peter van der Veer points out that there is no problem if the outsiders represent another country. This year, the Norwegians also participated on behalf of Sweden, and San Marino had almost no participation from the country itself. Joost could theoretically participate in the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Belgium. “Anything is possible,” the announcer said.

However, Peter stresses that he wouldn’t understand it if Joost actually did it. “Why would he?”, asks the presenter. “He’s already had a European success.” Peter also says that Joost has already proven himself and therefore no longer needs to participate in the event. In addition, Joost has to come up with a song that is no less good than “Europapa”. This is often a difficult task in practice, according to the Eurovision Song Contest expert.

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It’s impossible to predict how people will view Jost in six months. “He was given the award and I wanted to welcome him with open arms, but now he’s got the timing and the atmosphere.” He wishes Jost good luck anyway.

It is not yet known whether the Netherlands will participate in the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest at all. Broadcaster AVROTROS first wants the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), organizer of the music event, to change a number of things.

Watch the video below in which Jost hints at participating in the 2025 Eurovision Song Contest.

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