Jones laments the bad situation surrounding the NDP elections – Suriname Herald

Jones laments the bad situation surrounding the NDP elections – Suriname Herald

NDP MP Ebo Jones laments that unsavory things happened on the way to internal elections within the party. Reports have been circulating for days that some supporters do not like Acting President Ramon Abrahams and others bear responsibility for losing the 2020 elections. They should take a step back.

Jones says that as a young executive, there was no need to make this public. At the same time, he emphasizes that anyone with ambition can compete for the highest position within the party. Jones prefers to talk things through internally. He also stated that he was labeled a rebel because he wanted things to be done according to the rules. However, he does not choose to discuss the problems through the media.

In conversation with Lim FM The actor states that reactions in the media only lead to confusion within his organization. In an interview with DTV Express Party member Kenneth Slotin had expressed anger at the performance of Abrahams and others who had harmed the party with their actions. According to Jones, Sloten should have handled matters in a reasonable manner. There is always room for people to express their concerns if things do not go according to plan.

Jones denies that a revolution has broken out in the palace with the loss of Dessie Bouterse. He states that if members do not pay attention, this could be the case. According to Jones, people within the NDP should learn from the diplomatic way in which Bouterse has led the party for years.

The MP also stressed that the party focuses on the public interest, as there is no place for arrogance and self-interest. It is normal in a democracy to have differences of opinion, but it is important to know how to deal with them. Jones advocates that within the NDP, democratic principles quietly prevail.

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