Johnson has no intention of stepping down

Johnson has no intention of stepping down

Understood, I’ll fix it. I know what the problem is. We can be trusted to deliver.” But it is doubtful whether Boris Johnson, whose quote is still credible, says former UK correspondent Peter de Ward. “The opposition wants his broad-based resignation, and the average Briton has little faith in him. “.

But that’s not really that important. Because the opposition is in the minority, and what the average Briton wants will only be relevant to the elections in a few years. What Johnson fears: His conservative supporters he’s trying to get and keep. It depends on them whether he really has to quit. Johnson himself does not intend to.

culture of fear

According to De Waard, Gray’s story did not really reveal any new facts, and what shocks him above all is the “culture of fear” that prevails at number 10. Many of the tenth rank people were worried and didn’t even dare to answer. They were very afraid of the Prime Minister and his entourage. I found this amazing.

What is also remarkable is that Sue Gray does not write anything about what happened, and according to De Waard she limits herself to failed culture or leadership. As for what actually happened, the final investigation report must be awaited for this. And of course the police, who have already stated that they will be speaking to witnesses within the next few weeks who allegedly already have more than 300 photos of the parties.

get well soon

Johnson has already promised to improve: For example, a new, permanent senior official will be appointed to counter the spread of staff at number 10. And in anticipation of the report, he is already taking action and trying to support his party. He believes that he will be able to maintain the confidence of his party.

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Johnson is trying to restore confidence by defending issues such as Brexit, his handling of Covid, the alleged good state of the British economy, and his firm stance toward Putin on the Ukraine issue. He does, however, poorly in the polls, although this is a secondary concern, according to De Ward: “There is still a long way to go and he has enough time to regain that confidence. He doesn’t have to take voters into account.”

There is no substitute for Johnson either. Although Liz Truss, Sunak and Patel have been mentioned as possible successors, Truss has stated several times that he fully supports Johnson.

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