Johansson sees Verstappen approaching Hamilton, "he has everything in him"

Johansson sees Verstappen approaching Hamilton, “he has everything in him”

In the 1980s, Stefan Johansson played for both McLaren and Ferrari, so the Swede knows what it means to drive two big teams during his Formula 1. “Lewis Hamilton does a really cool job in Formula 1. Everyone thought he was crazy when he switched from McLaren to Mercedes, but he dared. On making that leap anyway. See where he is now. Lewis is a great example. How important is that. Johansson said from America: Take the right step at the right time Racing News 365.

The sympathetic said, “I must say I’m a huge fan of Hamilton, not only for his performance, but also for his identity. He looks like he’s looking very broadly at the world and I think it’s nice to see him.” The Swede who, in addition to having been praised for the seven-time World Championship, believes Max Verstappen could set fire to a Mercedes driver in the battle for the world title. “There are only a few drivers on the F1 network who have what it takes to become the world champion, and who know how to win the title. Among those three or four drivers who can also win a title are Verstappen.”

“In my eyes, Verstappen has grown to the world title contender in recent years. He has everything. The Dutchman used every opportunity to win, and like Hamilton, he is world class. In 2020, Verstappen has had a really great season.”

Johansson is now following Formula 1 from the US, where he settled after his Formula 1 career. From there he sees the premium car segment continue to grow, partly because of Hamilton. “Formula 1 is becoming more and more famous in the United States. Formula 1 owner Liberty Media has made really big strides promoting Formula 1 in America. Netflix played a big role in this series as well. Campaign to survive It is also shown well here. “

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“Lifestyle plays a major role in the United States and that is why Hamilton is also very popular. Nevertheless, America was and still is a unique country in terms of sports. They often remain loyal to their traditional sports such as American football, baseball and basketball. In addition to that. NASCAR is also very big. In America, everyone benefits from it, especially in the central part of the country. “

Johansson, who closely follows both Formula 1 racing and American racing sports, is convinced that new Formula 1 president Stefano Domenicali will not lose sight of the US market. “I think Dominicali is the right man to lead the Formula 1 world. He understands the Formula 1 business really well and I think he will manage everything well. Dominicali is also the right man to make the sport bigger. The United States.”

“I hope the budget cap helps with that as well, this is a rule American fans and I love. I hope we’ll see more teams that can compete with each other. At the moment, there isn’t enough competition. In the battle for wins, the differences between the two teams are so great.” real time “.

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