Johan Dirksen would prefer to see Davina Michel go to Eurovision

men indoors today He will be ringside tonight performing Mia & Dionne Khaled and Sophie. Their studio is located next to the studio where the NPO 1 talk show is recorded. They discuss Mia and Dion’s renewed performance on their show. Johan Dirksen is even more enthusiastic than before: “It was a little better.” But he doesn’t like the song, and the two singers don’t have “nothing.” spirit in their voice.” “There is absolutely nothing in it.”

Helen Hendricks agrees. She thinks our Eurovision entry’s edits to the song don’t work well. “There was a lot of pressure on it, so well done on that one. Everything there’s no soul left in the song.” René van der Gijp is happy that the two are now facing each other instead of playing around each other. “This gives more peace.”

They don’t have a good word for Duncan Lawrence, who nominated Mia and Dionne. “He really messed up,” Helen says. “I don’t care anymore,” he says, “but they do it for the whole of Holland.” Johan is disgusted with the former Eurovision Song Contest winner. “I think it’s a jellyfish.” Mia and Dionne got it too. “It was three pickles together.”

Johan prefers to represent our country at the Eurovision Song Contest in a different form. “I saw Davina walking yesterday. I send her out there. This isn’t my music, but it touches me.” Davina performed for the King in Rotterdam yesterday.

Mia and Dion haven’t made much of an impression yet in Europe, but the entries below aren’t reaching audiences in the right way either.

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